COC Bylaws & Policies



The COC Bylaws (approved August 2013 and amended Dec 12, 2014) describe how the organization runs, including organizational goals, board membership and other details.


Club policies expand upon our bylaws by describing how certain activities are run.

February 18, 2016

Policies included:

  • Mapping
  • Meet Map Standards
  • Map Credits
  • Map Posting
  • Use of Maps for Educational/Recreational Purposes
  • Map Sharing for Commercial Organizations
  • Compensation
  • Fundraisers at COC Events
  • Equipment Rental
  • Life Membership
  • Background Checks of Club Personnel
  • Safety Procedures

"How to" guidance for various roles:

Proposed Club policies OR Reports to the Club. The policies below have not yet been acted upon by the Cascade Board of Directors: