Privacy Statement for Cascade Orienteering Club

The purpose of this website is to provide information about orienteering to members and visitors. With the exception of board members and selected others who log in, we do not collect any personal information through this website. However, some personal information is collected outside this website, often at meets, and may be displayed in the ways listed below. But even that is not exchanged with any third parties.

Private information collected by Cascade Orienteering Club and its usage:

  • Event Results. Names and course completion times from orienteering events are posted to the News & Results pages of the website.
  • Volunteer names and points. Names of volunteers and the points they have earned toward free meets and items from the volunteer catalog are listed in the Volunteer section of the website.
  • Board members' contact information. COC board members have their contact information listed on a page of the website. The default option is to have e-mail addresses displayed in a way that is web-bot unfriendly and less likely to cause spam.
  • Upcoming meet contact information. In some cases, meet director or course setters may want feedback on upcoming meet plans. Their contact information would then appear on the website.
  • Membership roster. Member names and contact information are collected as part of the membership process. The membership roster is kept in a secured area of the website, for use by board members only. No financial information is stored anywhere.
  • Login information (Yahoo Groups). Individuals who log into the COC newsgroup and bulletin board on Yahoo will have their password and e-mail stored on Yahoo.
  • Login information (Secure Area). Members of the board who update the website or log into the secure area will have their name and password stored on the website. It will not be shared.

These represent the currently known uses of private information. Other uses may occur, but are not routine enough to list. Therefore, this list may change over time. If there are any concerns about this statement, please contact