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Save time and money: pre-register.

Using the preregistration site allows you to pay by credit card or volunteer points--options that are not available at the event. It also saves you $2, remembers your name and emergency contact info (but not your financial info), andk keeps you from having to fill out forms at an event, making it the fastest and most convenient way to sign up to participate.

If you're not sure you're going, you can even pre-register with a pay-at-the-meet option.

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NOTE: Pre-registration has a deadline of 9 PM two days before every meet.


Why volunteer? 

Cascade Orienteering hosts 25-30 events a year, ranging from small events of 60 participants to large ones with nearly 400 participants. Every event is made possible by volunteers---sometimes just a few, sometimes dozen---but always, volunteers like you who make the difference between a great meet delivered smoothly and a meet where we are concerned about some aspect of delivery.

Four things to know about volunteering with Cascade Orienteering Club:

1. Anyone can do it. We’ve listed the volunteer roles below, and you can do them whenever convenient, without any formal training.

2. You can still participate. Orienteering is one of the few sports where you can volunteer AND participate in most roles. Second-shift volunteers even get to start before the event does, providing maximum opportunity to get a run in before volunteering.

3. It benefits you. Volunteers get one volunteer point for every half-hour, with most roles earning three points. Later, if you pre-register for an event, you can use those three points to orienteer for free.

4. It benefits the club. The benefits of a well-supported, successful meet are obvious. But what happens when ALL our meets are well-supported and successful? We look for ways to add even more orienteering opportunities! All we need to expand events geographically and add other less-common types, like Bike-O or cell phone O, are enough volunteers like you to grow our schedule…


Participate for FREE: Volunteer.

Most volunteer roles take 90 minutes, earning you enough volunteer points for a free event the next time you pre-register. Which of these roles is the best fit for you?

Helping people get organized:

Data entry:

Orienteering knowledge:

Event leadership: