RouteGadget COC

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What is it?

RouteGadget is described by its developer, Jarkko Ryyppö, as a “web utility for drawing and comparing orienteering routes.”

RouteGadget allows competitors to draw and compare their routes and not only shows the routes, but also has an animation feature which allows the race to be replayed, even simulating a mass start. There's also a split time analyzer.

Jarkko is a Finnish orienteer, and developed RouteGadget as a hobby. He offers it for free for non-commercial use. Check out all the clubs using RouteGadget on Jarkko's website.

Java required

If you try to open a RouteGadget event and it doesn't work, it's probably because you need to download and install Java (free).


RouteGadget is fairly intuitive, but if you need additional help, try the following:

  • COC tutorial (PDF format, written by Eric Sandbo)
  • Video tutorials from RouteGadget UK