Training for Orienteering


Basic Instruction

Basic instruction is available at all local events, so check the events page for our schedule. We also occasionally hold special training events so you can learn specific orienteering techniques, such as pacing in uneven terrain, route selection, and racing strategy.


Map Symbols

Much navigational information is condensed into international symbols for maps and control descriptions. Know what they are, and you have an advantage and can orienteer in any language. Every serious orienteer should have copies of these documents.

  • Download a Control Symbols guide for more information. Page 1.  Page 2.


Test what you know!

You can fill in the missing knowledge now or wait until you're out on a course...


Introduction to orienteering

Even if you're already familiar with orienteering, you can always learn something by reviewing the basics occasionally:


Specific skills

Orienteering is a combination of several skills. Here are ways to boost some of them:

Orienteering and Scouts

Orienteering is an excellnet addition to any Scout program, combining outdoor exploration with the confidence that comes from accomplishing goals and finding your own way.


Comparing routes & results

One of the best ways to get faster is to discuss route choices with another competitor after the event. Which choices worked best? What can you learn for next time? Some websites are devoted to this type of discussion and ongoing improvement:

  • WinSplits is a site that presents your course times for each control leg in each meet. Look for the event-specific link in your next meet results.
  • Another popular site to compare split times is AttackPoint. This site also contains training ideas and discussion.